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Jessica Stoller 

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Wolfgang Laib sifting hazelnut pollen, 1992


i can’t really afford nice bread this week (quinoa loaf!!! my fave!!!) because i am prioritising for wine he he he 

my internship today was cool tho and i also need to stop saying swaggie bc it is infiltrating into my everyday speech (more so than usual) idk sometimes I feel like I’m still in Auckland but I’m not so it is a very strange kind of existential crisis feels hmmmm. 

Feeling a lil bit homesick idk missing the familiarity of everything/everyone and just this unanimous understanding that I really appreciate especially once leaving. I still appreciate being here a lot it’s ~character building~ I guess I’m just being a bit of a big baby. 

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Magali Reus


Berlinde De Bruyckere.:Suffering and Protection
Flemish sculptor creates sculptures and drawings of suffering human bodies that resemble nothing so much as reality. It mixes in his sculptures on religious grounds and media images and writes the Christian motif of the human suffering in the contemporary era. The confrontation with the body that engages the artist led to questions about the ethics of our society and are the place to fundamental questions about the nature of the human being.
These disturbing and uncannily lifelike sculptures by Belgian artist Berlinde De Bruyckere are incredibly visceral and eerie. The repulsion instinctively triggered in the viewer comes from their verisimilitude, and the sense of reality of this nameless, grotesque, distorted, half-human, seemingly fluid flesh; combined with their beauty, the delicate, subtle mottling of colors, the pure realistic visceral fleshiness of the works, and their technical grace.

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making myself a list of things to do because i know if i write it in a notebook there is a 400% chance i will not check it / too many notebooks i will get confused and muddled. 

  • do the uni project that you had a month to do that you have not yet started (but to be far it wasn’t like i was going to lug a suitcase back of object based)
  • borrow a projector/speaker for this 
  • 8.30 tutorial on monday so no time to go grocery shopping (which i should do before 10am internship on tues)
  • in other news, 10am internship on tues
  • go sign up for the gym bc cheap for yoga classes
  • sort out phone plan 
  • pay off the $80 matthew barney library book that i lost lol good 
Thanks to everyone who bought a zine today !!! Was so much fun and met lots of cool as chips people and saw heaps of cool people too SHOUT OUT :’))) I have one copy of Bad Photocopy left which is $4 + postage / a couple of hazy Soph’s left, which is $2 and the mini “Tired Of Yr Shit” ones which are $1! But tbh I found a couple of stamps so if you live in NZ and want a shitty mini zine about nothing rly then flick me a message or email me leilei.kung@gmail.com BEFORE TOMORROW MIDDAY (liek 4 people though, I don’t have enough stamps lol) and I’ll post one to ya shout out to all the cool people today everyone is mega talent and cool RADICAL. 

Swaggie the photocopy qual is kinda bad but you get the drift. They are all in editions of 9 (!!!) b/w photocopy - “Bad Photocopy” is 10 pages of visual diary-ish stuff and the other untitled one is 22 pages of sketchbooky stuff and observational (sort of) poetry. COOL.

I am also thinking of selling some of my original film prints for $1 cheap as chips because it’s starting to cumulate into the bottom of the filing cabinet and running out of space fuarrrk. 

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