Teenage Daughter - The Fat Truckers

I don’t understand how the fat truckers weren’t more of a thing long live the fat truckers. 

basically if anyone finds the fat truckers 2003 album - “the first fat truckers album is for sale” on vinyl (if it exists, i’m hoping it does) i will love you forever and will pay you back for it moly moly 


Kohei Nawa forms a cloud-like landscape made of foam

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DO PEOPLE EVER THINK ABOUT HOW WEIRD HANDS ARE idk I have a weird obsession with hands they are so strange !!! like amazing great. My shoulders hurt they feel funny ever since I went to my last yoga class I’m pretty sure I pulled something lol. 
also gabriel orozco’s my hands are my heart work ?? i am thinking about that work a lot right now it is in the back of my mind all the time? very strange. 

I feel like going on a period of hibernation where I just hole myself in my room and just read a lot of literature and listen to lots of great albums in their entirety? Idk I feel like self education is something that I need a lot right now and discussions with interesting people. The other night I stayed up until 1am discussing world socio-politics with my friend who was really on the same vibe as me - his upbringing meant that he had way more of a comprehension of society than most people I know. And this happened yesterday via Facebook with another great pal who basically saw things in such a logical way that it’s rly interesting to see someone else’s p.o.v? He sent me his essay to read which was also really interesting. 

My friend Cordy is really cool and has great taste in life/music and we’ve been record shopping for the past two days in a row/discussing things/teaching me how to use technology because I suck at things that overwhelm me. I feel like I am learning more from the people around me right now than from uni and I kind of just want to pause uni so I can really just SOAK UP EVERYTHING AROUND ME then turn it into work. Okokveryswellwhatevernevermind. 

Jeff Koons

Malin Gabriella Nordin, 2014

BFFA3AE at 47 Canal
Nam June Paik, Reclining Buddha, 1994

Me and buddies at zinefest (such good times I miss Auckland/these faces) / I went to get a hot choc with my friend Lucy who lives in my building and she took this pic in my room before we left. 

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My bedroom

ughcbf replied to your audio post “Hey I did a song thing yesterday hmmmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmm……. It’s about…”

haha omg lei lei this is fucking great

ty carz!!!!!!!!!!!!! :~) 

Hey I did a song thing yesterday hmmmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmm…….

It’s about a letter ma ultimate gal pal sent me and how last year was really shitty lol this was fun though 

Birgit Jürgenssen, 1980