New installation by Pip & Pop in Kurashiki, Okayama: Through a Hole in the Mountain

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Charlotte Wales 

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SHIT lol my friend is a producer at bfm and she showed my tune to Silke and now it made it onto Sheepmail!! I luv Freak the Sheep it is my numba one tune in whenever I’m driving home at night ahhhhh thanks Lizey/Sheepmail for the feature!!! 


Strawberry Hair - Shunkan

hey i have to remind myself that this EP is all that is good in the world right now this song is SO GOOD yet again

Jonathan Zawada

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Anonymous: Do you miss high school?

yo!! i guess it’s a double edged sword?? like i miss seeing people everyday, obviously you lose touch with a lot of friends just because different directions/locations etc idk last year i was pretty holed down in the art dept just with the crazy subjects i chose so yeah, i miss that crew a lot. i miss the facilities a lot too, like idk the ease of everything j being there for you?? lol school was crazy for me last year i damn near died. 

high school was kind of pivotal for me tho like it pushed me to do a lot of things for myself and to get ~out into the world~ with stuff like fashion week etc idk i’m glad i did that then [and not now]. 

but university is basically the best parts of high school shoved together so yeah idk i miss it in a more ~that was nice, a good memory ha ha ha nostalgia~ kinda way but i don’t really miss being there at all, NO INCLINATION to be back there fuck no. 

Louise Bourgeois - Oedipus, 2003


Marta Twarowska - ‘DON’T GROW UP, IT’S A TRAP’

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Antoine Bruy 

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Scrublands - Antoine Bruy

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Anonymous: Do you find it scary living far away or are you just like what evs and it doesn't phase you?

hello! most of the time it’s ok and kind of nice, idk i’m a pretty independent person so it doesn’t really phase me and i kind of get to prioritise everything to my own time/schedule/get to cook and eat my own food/go to places i want to etc it’s really nice to be able to take TIME doing things like going grocery shopping, to the library and flicking through books, listening to music etc you really get to appreciate what constitutes the hours in a day. 

last sem i got these weird panic attacks usually v early morning sometime 5am where i would kind of being in a half awake transient state of mind and be TERRIFIED of the world around me/everything but it passed eventually when i just listened to lots of music, soaked up vitamin d and furiously made work idk i would usually call my mum about it and talk to her and try rationalise things but otherwise yeah, it can be overwhelming but i’m loving it/taking things as they come :~)