I’M P SURE I JUST MADE A JAM ABOUT HOW MUCH SMOKING IS STUPID bc it’s expensive and like why but I’m stupid so y’know my bro y’know anyway A LOW HUM TICKETS sold out in approx 1 minute I actually hate the internet it’s SOUL SUCKING anyway everyone should get a bowl cut. 

hey jess we’re still starting that band okokok

Virtual Debris (2013) - Jennifer Mehigan 

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hi cordy

"yo diggy" - cordy

Crystal Castles - Alice Practice


Crystal Castles | Alice Practice


Picnic yesterday / I had about one hour’s worth of sleep and died in the sun. 

A list:

Yesterday was fun / My friend and I talked about buying a record last night and I did it today and 400% no regrets / it is purple / and beautiful / sometimes I wish I did the creative writing conjoint that I had planned on / my friend came around before and we had good discussions about pro choice, politics and art / it was so chill / it’s really nice to have people around you constantly but having the choice to be alone at the same time / it’s kind of a reassuring detachment / Allen Ginsberg’s list of essentials keeps things grounded / I’m tired and feeling very gross but it kind of rules at the same time.

Articulated thoughts as free flowing prose or just too lazy to get the laptop out?

Snowpiercer (2013)- Bong Joon-ho
Eternal order is prescribed by the sacred engine: all things flow from the sacred engine, all things in their place, all passengers in their section, all water flowing. all heat rising, pays homage to the sacred engine, in its own particular preordained position. So it is.

untitled, august 2014

Flynn C Jones
Laptop Scans, 2011

A thing I did on the wall which is kind of actually really fucking morbid (I’m also stupid and painted on the wall again) idk I’m very interested in subtext and irony at the moment / I froze my friend’s phone on an art related snap of me lol



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Group Show at Witte de With
I’m that leime as person at uni at 12 to 10pm doing NOTHING but look I found a friend. A cool pal was around before and he had Maltesers and grapes which was SUPER but alas now I’m behind on work and everything hmmm. 
Today was a good day I got to try on really fkn cool sequinned dresses and think about creative direction/boundaries which was nice whilst hands did idle things?? Idk disconnection between mind and body is really nice sometimes. 
Now I’m just listening to the Gwen Stefani album because my friend and I found the vinyl of it the other day and it is BEAUTIFUL. Mega A+++ 



Ode To Summer, August ‘14.[

[Rye Bread Salmon Sandwiches from Victoria Market, the availability of cheap Watermelons and sandals]


Watercolor test sheet for the above work, with B-grade Simpsons characters.  

I feel very weird not being at NZFW right now.